Title: Epoch
Artist: David Spriggs
Location: Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Date: 2018
Size: 16 x 6 x 10 ft / 4.9 x 1.8 x 3 m
Materials: Layered anodized aluminum, metal beams, hanging hardware

An epoch is defined by the moment of time chosen to be the origin of an era, a reference starting point from which time is measured. Spriggs’ experiential artwork, Epoch gives shape to time and perception. The complex layered shapes in Epoch all point towards a single vanishing point, much like we see in linear-perspective, which creates the illusion of depth on flat surfaces. In Spriggs’ work, however, we see a different type of perspective, one that functions through three-dimensional space – a strata-perspective. The system of layered shapes expands outwards towards the viewer from an empty vanishing point. Architectural in nature, these metallic shapes become symbolic of the layering of time, of the perception of the present overlapping the past. Together, the complexity of shapes forms a larger three-dimensional semi-ellipsoid, taking the form of the human eye and encompassing the viewer’s field of vision. ‘Epoch’ is located on the top floor glass atrium of the Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong. The building was designed by Rocco Design Architects Ltd; Hirsch Bedner Associates as guestroom interior designer; and Andre Fu with AFSO studios as interior designer.

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