Title: Holos
Artist: David Spriggs
Date: 2021
Size: 381 x 185 x 185 cm / 150 x 73 x 73 inches
Materials: Acrylic on layered plexiglass in lit display case on marble pedestal
Location: On permanent display at the Conrad Lobby, Resorts World Las Vegas

David Spriggs’ sculpture “Holos” is an interactive work of art that serves as the main permanent feature at the entrance of the new Resorts World Las Vegas Conrad Lobby. Painted onto 20 transparent planes, the sculpture depicts individual spiraling particles that come together to form a full, immaterial-like spherical shape. This dynamic, swirling formation is a reference to the newly discovered state of matter known as the swirlonic state.

The swirlonic state is a novel state of matter that was only recently discovered by scientists. It is characterized by the presence of swirling vortices that exhibit highly unusual and novel physical properties. These vortices can emerge in a variety of systems, including fluids, plasmas, and even gases. The swirling motion of the particles in a swirlonic state is thought to be driven by the collective behavior of the particles themselves, leading to the emergence of this unique state of matter.

The concept behind Spriggs artwork “Holos” aligns with the principles of Gestalt Theory, which emphasizes the importance of considering the whole rather than just the individual parts. According to Gestalt Theory, the human mind naturally organizes stimuli into coherent wholes, rather than just perceiving individual elements. In “Holos,” the individual spiraling particles come together to form a cohesive and harmonious whole, suggesting to the viewer to consider the piece as a unified entity rather than just a collection of isolated elements. This emphasis on the whole aligns with the Greek word ολοσ (holos) meaning entire or whole.